Wolfgang Strauss, Monika Fleischmann, Jasminko Novak


electronic Multi-User Stage Environment

eMUSE (electronic multi-user environment)

eMUSE (electronic multi-user environment)



The Electronic Multi-User Stage Environment (eMUSE) is a software platform for the fusion of virtual and real action spaces. In particular, this architecture enables the creation of applications relevant to the experimental stage space and public space. The audio-visual module and the network module of the eMUSE structure support real-time networked scenarios based on Java and the VRML browser. The Vision System relays the position data (X and Y coordinates and the contours of the users' body) to the eMUSE server, which then passes this information on to several clients. eMUSE not only integrates several people live in a joint space and represents them in a virtual environment, it also allows the participation of spatially remote users via the Internet. The platform provides important components for performance art and combines them with interactive networked scenarios the possibility of free movement in space, the transmission of that movement in real time to a virtual environment, and the participation of several performers and their interaction with each other.




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