Jodi: Joan Hermskeerk, Dirk Paesman


A modification and graphic abstraction of "Wolfenstein 3-D"




Jodi were among the first artists to "discover" computer games as an object for artistic manipulation: as early as 1997, the artist duo, who originally gained fame for their Internet work, took advantage of the possibility of modifying "Quake" by morphing the game’s three-dimensional spaces into white noise. By means of their deconstruction, Jodi drew attention to the fact that the system code is the most current manifestation of the normative power of fact. Likewise in "SOD", Jodi took all the representative elements out of the "Wolfenstein 3-D" game, leaving nothing but silhouettes and black squares. As a result, the game that – like "Quake" – comes from the US company "ID Software", known for their brutal first-person shooters, looks like an animated Op-Art picture in which you can roam around. Hence, this radical manipulation impacted on a game whose various original versions – with their Nazi henchmen, swastikas and violence – had set off heated debates, particularly in Germany, on what should be allowed on computer screens and what not.
(Tilman Baumgärtel)

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Netherlands, 1999




, Apr 13, 2004