Patrick Meister

Pollock In Action

“Pollock In Action” is an interactive installation to create drip paintings with light.

The kids liked it a lot (Photo: Alex Robert)

The kids liked it a lot (Photo: Alex Robert)

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„When painting, I’m in the image“, Jackson Pollock said. „The image has a life of its own“. He dripped, splattered color onto the canvas in fluid, dance-like motions. Not having a final image in mind. On the images actions took place, nothing was illustrated.
„Pollock in action“ tries to re-interpret Pollocks style of painting with new technologies. Projected light replaces the fluid colors. The movements of the brush are captured with a camera and a computer. Combining this data with accelerometers in the brush gives an motion sequence, which gets translated into drippings.
Like he said, Jackson Pollocks images didn’t have a beginning nor an end. He was never afraid to change, transform or destroy his image.
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Switzerland, 2006-2007

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Patrick Meister, Nov 29, 2007



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