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A tangible interface for music browsing and playback manipulation

A view on the augmented turntable

A view on the augmented turntable

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TIMBAP is a revolutionary concept for digital DJing. It augments any standard DJ turntable with a tangible interface for browsing your music collection AND manipulating playback (scratching, pitching, skipping etc.). Like many others it is based on an acoustic timecode signal recorded to vinyl records. In contrast to existing digital solutions however, it completely frees the DJ from mouse, keyboard and monitor. Instead it relies on physical interaction with the standard club turntable only.
The interaction concept allows automatic browsing and also direct positioning by placing the tone arm on a visual cue. DJs can thus quickly discover tracks using cues of artist or label name initials or predominant artwork color.

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Germany, 2007




Andreas Pabst, Dec 5, 2007



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