Vivien Dollinger, Markus Junginger


Personal P2P Knowledge Management Software based on the theory of Distributed Constructionism

Yuvia Screen

Yuvia Screen


Developments in both society and industry require today's workers to practice Knowledge Management (KM) at a personal level. Therefore, individuals need tools that support them in daily KM actions. The Yuvia collaboration platform is a peer-2-peer software approach to Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) based on the principle of Distributed Constructionism. Yuvia aims to support small groups on collaborative tasks, providing them a space to construct knowledge, play with their ideas, and exchange files. As opposed to other workspace and groupware systems, Yuvia focuses on the action of joint knowledge construction with respect to a visual and flexible knowledge representation. Yuvia is designed and implemented as an open-system architecture and may therefore easily be extended, enhanced, or customized by developers.

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Germany, 2002-2003




Vivien Dollinger, May 28, 2003



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